How do I activate Cloudflare on my account?

Activation of cloudflare on your account is very easy.  The first step is to login to your cPanel account.  If you have forgotten how to access cPanel please follow the following link.

Hosting Control Panel Information (cPanel)

Once you are logged into cPanel you will see a section devoted to Cloudflare, you will need to click on the orange icon on the far left to get started.

CloudFlare is a third party service which requires that you activate an account with them.  On the next screen they ask you for an email address to get started.  This will create your account with them and assoicate that account with us.  You will receive an email from them that you should read through carefully and also create a password per their instructions.

Once the initial sign up step is done you can route traffic through the CloudFlare CDN by click ong the grey cloud next to your domain name.  When the cloud turns to orange the appropriate DNS entries have been made.  This is a DNS CNAME aleration to your zone files so please allow up to 24 hours for DNS servers to completely update.

That is really it you can change your settings either through the links in cPanel or through the CloudFlare website.  

We do recomend that you only route the entry through CloudFlare as this will direct web traffic which is what you want.

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