What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN).  These have becom popular because they allow for caching of your content at various locations around the world which allows for a faster load time than could be achieved normally.  There are many details behind this and it would be best to read up on what CloudFlare offers by visiting their website through the following link.

CloudFlare Features

Do I need CloudFlare?

No, CloudFlare is not a requirement and it really depends on your particular needs.  The real benefit comes for people in other parts of the world from the datacenter location.  If you have visitors from all over the world or you want to see if you can get a performance boost by utilizing this caching technology you may want to give it try.
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How do I activate Cloudflare on my account?

Activation of cloudflare on your account is very easy.  The first step is to login to your cPanel...