florida - hard drive (Investigating)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - florida
  • We have experienced an issue on a hard drive on our florida server.  This can be a time-consuming process as we troubleshoot and investigate, and we appreciate your patience.  We are focused on resolving these issues and have the right people working on the problem.  Please check back here with updates.

    Update 1:  We are continuing our work on the hard drive and attempting to recover it in place.

    Update 2:  The disk has a lot of corruption, so we are going to parallel a full restore from yesterday's backup as well as attempt to recover the drive.

    Update 3:  The hard disk has become un-responsive and we are now waiting on the restore form yesterday's backup to restore service.  Since we are restoring an entire hard drive this will take some time complete.  We are anticipating the restore to be complete around 10:00 PM CST today.

    Update 4:  Data has been restored from yesterday at 2PM CST.  If you are still experiencing issues please submit a ticket.

  • Date - 10/12/2019 07:00
  • Last Updated - 10/12/2019 22:38

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