06/08/2010 - Route Instability

Beginning at 2:45AM CST our network experienced route instability which caused many customers to lose access to their accounts.

As of 5:20AM CST the route instability has been corrected and service restored to those affected.

8de Jun 2010
05/16/2010 - Server Maintenance

The following servers will be undergoing maintenance between 11 PM CST on 05/16/2010 and 5 AM CST on 05/17/2010


Please note that a reboot of each server will take place between these hours.

16de Mai 2010
03/22/2010 - Connectivity Issues

Update 3: Network Services has completed the transition of routing for the Iowa location which thus far has had an improvement in route stability. The overall situation has stabilized and the Network Engineering team continues to monitor the situation and will provide updates to this notification posting as appropriate. Update 2: The ... Les mer »

22re Mar 2010
03/22/2010 - Emergency Maintenance

In an attempt to stabilize the networks in Iowa and to restore full connectivity to all IP subnets, the Network Services Team will perform some emergency intrusive hardware testing of one of the devices on 23-MAR-2010 at 00:00. During this time, we expect customer connectivity to experience brief periods of unavailability as the testing ... Les mer »

22re Mar 2010
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