We are experiencing early signs of hardware failture on our iowa.shnw.net server and need to move everybody to newer servers. 

We do apologize for the short notice.

Please note that I will be moving accounts overnight starting each evening at 10PM CST in order to minimize any impact to your visitors. If there is something that you want me to pay particular attention to after the move please submit a ticket through our support desk.

Please review the schedule below, the destination server of your new account will depend on what plan you have with us now. 

I will keep this announcement updated with information and details as each move takes place.

Move Schedule

Saturday November 19th 22:00 CST( Usernames A - F )

Saturday November 19th 22:00 CST ( Usernames G - O )

Sunday November 20th 22:00 CST ( Username P - Z and All Resellers)

Destination Server

Plans – Basic :  kansas.shnw.net

Plans – Legacy ( B Or Above ):  nevada.shnw.net

Plans – Resellers:  michigan.shnw.net

UPDATE(11/18):  Due to local power and internet outages overnight on Friday there were no accounts moved on Friday.  We will start the moves on Saturday November 19th
UPDATE (11/19):  Usernames A-O have been moved. We will finish the remaining transfers Sunday evening.
UPDATE (11/20):  Moves started

Friday, November 18, 2016

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