With the recent CloudLinux hosting announcement some of you may have noticed a few changes to your cPanel area.  The first thing you should notice when you login to cPanel is a few more information lines on the left hand side.  They include bars indicating your current CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and Entry Processes as shown below.

There is also a link located in the "Logs" secion of cPanel labeled "Resource Usage"

The first thing you will see when you enter the "Resource Usage" link is a page telling you if you have had any issues in the past 24 hours.  Things listed here will inform you if you reached your maximum Memory Usage or Maximum Entry Processes at any point in the last 24 hour period.  We will explain these a little bit more later.

When you click on the "Details" link you will be taken to a page where you can select your timeframe, and it will produce a graph of your usage over that particular time period.

An example of a website on one of our server is listed below.

By reading the graph above you can see that this is a very course view of your usage, even though your accounts are monitored continuously you will never get second by second data from any reporting.  The cPanel side is only meant to give you a high level overview of what has been occurring.

As you can see there was a spike at one point in entry processes but for the most part memory and CPU Usage has been pretty good on this website.  The last chart indicated "Faults", this is where you should pay attention.  If you see any faults for either MEP (Max Entry Processes), or MEM (Max Memory) you website will return errors when visitors view it for that particular moment until your website stops using extra resources.

If you ever see your CPU Usage hit the max limit, your website will simply slow down providing request to users, they will not get an error but it will take longer to load pages for the end user.

Lets talk about each of these and what the limits are.

CPU Usage: This is the amount of CPU Usage your website is using.  We run 16 core systems and the maximum amount of CPU usage we will allow before slowing your website down is 1 core for any one individual website.

Memory Usage: We limit each account to 1GB of memory, so once your website uses 1GB of memory, your site will slow down until you release some from the applications you are using and a fault will be registered on the lower graph.

Entry Processes:  We limit each account to 20 Concurrent Connections, so if your website is being hit very hard and has more than 20 connections at any one time additional visitors will be issued a error page and a fault will be registered on the lower graph.

Now a word of caution here, there is nothing to wory about with a few faults on a daily basis as we would expect this to be normal.  If you start seeing continuous errors than it is time to contact us to help you figure out what may be causing the problem.  It could be an overactive bot or a poorly written script. We can help you look through the logs and figure out what causes it so that you can take corrective action.

The limits we have set are pretty high for a webhosting account, if your website needs to use more than this than we do offer VPS or Dedicated Servers where you can order services based on memory and CPU power that is solely dedicated to you.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

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